Japanese restaurant「Benkay」

Japanese Restaurant in Dubai

The design manly was inspired from the Japanese style with modern touch, using the metal panels and glass elements; the design was based on a simple slink lines with rich and textured finish materials on the walls and flooring. We also tried to used the neutral earth color on the selected materials and fabrics.(Text / DRAW LINK GROUP Dubai, UAE)


  • Japanese restaurantBenkay 
  • placeHotel JAL Tower Dubai, P.O. Box. 9940, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
  • designDRAW LINK GROUP Dubai, UAE
  • floor spaceseats):
  • Japanese Restaurant, 535 Sq.m96 Seats.
  • Teppan Restaurant 473 Sq.m60 Seats.
  • Sushi Restaurant 350 Sq.m86 Seats.
  • photoNicolas Dumont






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