• 「2CV」(ドゥーシーボー)
  • 所在地:埼玉県さいたま市南区別所7-21-1 プラウドタワー武蔵浦和マークス1階
  • オープン:2013年3月7日設計:柿谷耕司アトリエ 柿谷耕司 櫻井 誠
  • 床面積:79.29㎡席数:カット6席/コールド2席/シャンプー3席/ネイル2席
  • Photo:大瀧 格

This hair salon aims to create the space which takes in beautiful natural scenery. Customers feel liberated from daily hectic lives and can transform with refreshed minds. Sunshine and nature are design motives. From the entrance to each booth, various aspects of the salon are expressed with a story line. Trees placed in the entrance make sunshine filtering through foliage and lights with open feeling express the natural and worm space. In the back space, the sun above the horizon is expressed with a sense of openness. In shampoo booths, the clean and stark white space is wrapped with soft lights creating relaxed atmosphere. The nail treatment space is designed to be “a women’s ideal room” with many feminine features. One part of the space has a high ceiling and utilizes mirror effects achieving wide and open feelings and the other part has a low ceiling giving wrapped and comfortable impressions. Ambivalent elements are coexistent in one space, giving diversified expressions. The salon is successful in creating relaxed atmosphere where customers can refresh their minds and transform.(Koji Kakitani)

  • 【2CV】
  • Location:Proud Tower Musashi-Urawa Marks 1F, 7-21-1 Bessho, Minami-ku, Saitama-shi, SaitamaOpen : March 7th, 2013
  • Designer : Koji Kakitani Atelier, Ltd.  Koji Kakitani  Makoto Sakurai
  • Floor area : 79.29㎡
  • Capacity:6 seats for cutting/ 2 seats for coloring / 3 seats for shampoo/ 2 seats for nail treatment
  • Photo:Kaku Ohtaki

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