Made In Kitchen II


Located within the down town area in the city of Wuhu, China, Made In Kitchen II is the newest roll-out of this high-end F&B brand serving contemporary Chinese cuisine. The site is facing a beautiful lake in the city centre with a total floor area of 2,000sq.m.The design strategy aimed at creating a unique dining experience by reinterpreting various beautifulscenes of a lake.  The resulting environment incorporated narrative elements in different zones:

Entrance Lobby & Corridor Motifs of pool + ripples + butterflies + rocks + falling water + flying lotus created a unique sense of arrival to the restaurant.

Atrium Dining Area Mezzanine floor, booth seating and central floating stage were introduced in the 10m high multi-functional atrium dining space to provide different sitting arrangements with different cosiness.  The color-changing moon on the full-height feature wall provided different moods at different time.  Floating mirror s/s bubbles and image projection of swimming fish multiplied the visual excitement of the whole space.

Open Dining Area – Low-height glazed partitions define various seating patterns and provide privacy to this open seating area.  Ceiling image projection above central square table acted as focus & provided subtle visual interest to the area.

Private Dining Rooms -The tonal changes of the lake in 4 seasons were represented in the private dining rooms.  Images and colors of flowers representing spring, summer, autumn and winter provided different moods to the otherwise monotonous enclosed dining spaces.

Unique dining experience is the keywords for any successful restaurants business strategy.  Made In Kitchen II aims to move that dining experience to another cultural level.Horace PanFounder, PANORAMA)


  • upper/ Entrance Corridor
  • middle/ Atrium Dining
  • lower/ Private Dining – Summer


  • Made In Kitchen II”
  •  Location: Wuhu, China
  • Area: 2,000 sq.m total
  • Completion Date: March 2010
  • Client: Seaport Catering Management Co., Ltd.
  • Design: PANORAMA  Horace Pan, Alan Tse, Nick Wong
  • Photographer: Ng Siu Fung




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