ORGATEC 2018 “KOKUYO” booth



「ORGATEC 2018 “KOKUYO” booth」
所在地:Messeplatz 1, 50679, Köln, Germany
設計者名:コクヨ 小林智行
Photo:Joakim Blockstrom


The exhibition booth for KOKUYO’s new chair “ing”. “Ing” is a swinging chair that has never been experienced, featuring a 360-degree smooth movement. Focusing on the act of sitting down to convey the new sensation of movement, we designed the experience leading up to sit by contrasting “stillness and movement”.
In the front area, the disassembled white chairs stand still in the air as if the time had stopped and emerged fantastically by collecting white light. Dynamic images express detailed mechanisms and smooth movements, and stimulate the imagination of sitting. In the next black-and-white inverted area, the well-arranged chairs fuel expectations and ICT tools that visualize shaking give a more accurate and deep understanding. We represented the movement of “ing” from every angle in 360 degrees by the simple presentation focused on just one product. (Tomoyuki Kobayashi / KOKUYO)


【ORGATEC 2018“ KOKUYO ”booth】
Address: Messeplatz 1, 50679, Köln, Germany
Period: Oct. 23-27, 2018
Design: KOKUYO Tomoyuki Kobayashi
Floor area: 320㎡
Photo: Joakim Blockstrom


这次的展示专区是为了展出KOKUYO的新款椅子“ing”。“ing”的特点是可以360度流畅的运动,是目前无人体验过的可以摇动的椅子。为了传达新感觉的那种运动,我们着重聚焦于“坐”这一行为,将极致的体验根据“静与动”的对比设计而成的。最开始的展区,将纯白的椅子拆分分解,犹如时光停止般静止于空中,通过聚焦白色的光,幻想般地浮现出来。生动的影像既展现出缜密的装置与流畅的运动,又激发出人们对于坐的想象力。黑白反转的下一个展区,整齐排列的椅子煽动出期待感,使得运动可视化的ICT工具,传达出更加正确和深层的理解。通过单纯聚焦于一款产品进行简洁易懂的演示,将 “ing”的运动从360度全方位的角度展现出来。(小林智行/KOKUYO)


【ORGATEC 2018 “KOKUYO” booth】
地址:Messeplatz 1, 50679, Köln, 德国
设计:KOKUYO 小林智行
摄影:Joakim Blockstrom

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