• 「ORZO」
  • 所在地:静岡県掛川市塩町2-10
  • オープン:2011年11月3日
  • 設計:LITTLE 美和小織
  • 床面積:157.67㎡
  • 客席数:50席(カフェ41席、バー9席)
  • photp:Ofp 長谷川健太

Located at Kakegawa-shi in Shizuoka-ken, ORZO is a café during the afternoon and a restaurant bar at night. Its welcoming space changes its expression during day and night as a café and bar which is designed to thinly veil one another when seated. Bottles of various colors and shapes line up at the bar counter and the motif on the walls resemble a continuing panorama of the mountains. Perhaps it is influence by the beautiful view of mount Fuji which one can enjoy from the Shinkansen when approaching Kakegawa-shi. The continuing motif of mountains on the wall invites one to stare at them and to consciously or unconsciously let one mind to drift away.(Saori Miwa/LITTLE)

  • 「ORZO」
  • Location:2-10, Shiomachi, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka-ken
  • Open:November 3rd, 2011
  • Designer:LITTLE  Saori Miwa
  • Floor area:157.67㎡
  • Capacity:50 seats(Café 41seats、Bar 9seats)
  • photo:Ofp  Kenta Hasegawa




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