also Soup Stock Tokyo








オルソ スープストックトーキョー
所在地:東京都目黒区自由が丘1-26-13 POOL
設計:永山祐子建築設計 永山祐子 花摘知祐
Photo:表 恒匡



This is a soup specialty restaurant located in the center of Jiyugaoka town. The town’s appeal is its size and the streets that the store faces are especially bustling. In our architectural plan, town’s attractive streets continue into the store and they go on also on the second and third terrace floors sterically. By adopting a split-level system (called a skip-floor in Japan), customers can see the second floor from the first and the third from the second. The store façade is covered with custom-made steel sash so that people can see the inside from a distance. The first floor can be seamlessly connected to the streets when sliding doors are fully opened. The south face of the store has single swing doors that make amusing expression. Because both visibility and ventilation are good in this space, a vibrant atmosphere can be seen by passersby and it infects them. We hope the bustle streets and the vibrant store increase the appeal of Jiyugaoka’s scenery together in harmony. (Yuko Nagayama)


also Soup Stock Tokyo
Location:POOL 1-26-13, Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Open:Apr. 30th, 2016
Design:YUKO NAGAYAMA & ASSOCIATES Yuko Nagayama Tomosuke Hanatsumi
Floor area:77.53 ㎡
Capacity:30 seats + 12 terrace seats
Photo:Nobutada Omote

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